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Selling a home is something most of us go through at least once in out lives - Is it stressful? - Yes, but we can help with that!

Whether you are a homeowner, wanting to prepare your home for sale or a real estate agent, wanting to have a lead on your competition or an entrepreneur wanting to focus on staging as your next career - we have a course for you!

Most potential buyers form an opinion within the first 10 seconds of entering your home, this means you have literally one chance to make that great first impression.  Staging is about raising the perceived value of the home in the buyers mind and thats what makes the difference between an 'okay offer' and a stellar offer price!

These courses will show you the most effective way to unlock your home's potential!

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Home Staging Hub - Free Goodies!

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If you are looking to be the go-to authority for your own home's staging needs or if you are a savvy real estate agent wanting to get ahead of the game, or wanting to start up your own staging business, then this is the best place to begin!  And don't forget the Freebies to help you on your way!

Game Changing Listings

Real Estate Agents - Learn How to Professionally Stage Your Occupied Homes - Beat your Competition, Win More Listings, Make more money!

The first course of its kind written exclusively for Real Estate Agents.

Smart Moving - Staging to Sell

Coming Soon! Especially for Home Sellers who want to get ahead of the game.  Learn the secrets to creating the perfectly staged home - with tons of tips on how to live in it while you are on the market!  Staged Homes sell for between 5-25% above their comparable non staged homes and thats true of any market!

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